Dauin, Negros Oriental Diving Resort
a Kawayan Republic Project

Posted on 5/8/2020 6:11:00 PM

Bamboo Cottage in Dauin Negros Oriental

A diving resort located in Dauin, Negros Oriental Philippines.  What is special about the diving resort is that it is facing Apo Island.  

Enjoy the relaxing beauty of nature and the relaxing mood of the bamboo cottages.

Below are some of the picture of the project:

Bamboo Cottage Dauin Front

Figure 1: One of the bamboo cottage with sliding window

Bamboo Bar - Front

Figure 2:  Bamboo bar front - side view

Bamboo Bar - Front

Figure 3: Bamboo bar front-side close up view

Bamboo Bar

Figure 4:  Bamboo Cottage

Bamboo Cottage Dauin

Figure 5:  Window side of the room - bamboo cottage