We make quality bamboo furnitures and bamboo cottages (bahay kubo).
Every bamboo product are handcrafted by our skilled workers from Negros Occidental. Check our products now!

Bamboo Cottages

Create a relaxing spot in your home and in your garden. Choose from our designs, and we can also customize a cottage for you that suits your needs. We treat our cottages with special varnish mixture and solignum to last longer. Our bamboo cottages will not only serve as a place where you can relax and chat with your family and friends, but it can also serve as your home decor! You can sit back and let us deliver the bamboo cottage that you need. This is really a value for your money.

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Bamboo Cottages
Bamboo Living Room Set

Bamboo Living Room Sets

Join our customers who already enhanced their homes with our bamboo living room furnitures! It comes with a bamboo couch, a bamboo center table and bamboo chairs. You can also give us a design and we will make it for you. All our bamboo living room sets were treated with special varnish mixture, and chairs were knitted with rattan to ensure the quality and durability aside from giving them a style. Our bamboo living room sets not only serve as a place where you, your family and visitors can relax, but will also serve as a home decor.

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Bamboo Chairs, Bamboo Tables, Bamboo Beds and Other Bamboo Products

Enhance the beauty of your home by placing a bamboo furniture on your favorite spot. We have different designs that will suit the design of your home and can even customize it for you.

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Bamboo Chairs and Tables

Value for your Money

We are strictly committed to the quality of our products. We implement quality controls on our products to be sure that you only get the quality product your money deserves.

Affordable Prices

We give only the best possible affordable prices for each item.

Unique Designs to choose from

We continue on innovating our products so that there will be plenty of designs to choose from.

Customized Designs

If you have a specific design not listed here, you can tell us and we will give you a quote.

Our Brand is Our Assurance

Unlike other bamboo shops, we have a brand to protect. This assures you that we give the best possible quality for our bamboo products because we not only give you our products but also our name.

Bamboo House - Ma-ao Front View

Bamboo House for Volunteers

Ma-ao, Bago City, Negros Occidental
Bamboo Cottage - Bacong

Residential Bamboo House

Bacong, Negros Oriental
Bamboo Cottage in Dauin Negros Oriental

Dauin, Negros Oriental Diving Resort

Dauin, Negros Oriental
Bamboo Cottage Oversize Front - Don Salvador

Bamboo Oversize Cottage

Don Salvador, Negros Occidental
Bamboo Cottage Front - Siaton Negros Oriental

Bamboo Cottage Siaton

Siaton, Negros Oriental
Residential Bamboo Cottage

Residential Bamboo Cottage

Napoles, Bago City, Negros Occidental
Bamboo Cottage Charito - Front View

Bamboo Cottage Charito

Charito Heights, Bacolod City

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How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Furniture

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Having a bamboo furniture adds elegant and style to your home. In many countries, a bamboo furniture in a home symbolizes a priced possession for the owner.Bamboo is known for its unusual tensile strength and has been used as a standard building material for the majority...

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